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Adventure Capitalist has one goal and only one goal … to find and recommend the small- to midcap opportunities that are packed with explosive profit potential. I’m looking for the types of opportunities that can hand you double- or even triple-gains in the next six to 12 months … and then snowball into 1,000% (or more) winners over the next few years.

I’ve personally been analyzing the stock market for roughly 20 years. Early on, I worked as a portfolio manager, lead research analyst, and head trader for a billion-dollar wealth manager for 10 years. Then I spent a few years in a specialized risk-trading department at a major brokerage house, and went on to supervise a trade desk for a discount brokerage firm.

Just before coming to Uncommon Wisdom Daily, I was the chief analyst and co-editor of The Palm Beach Letter. There, I focused on providing safe, income-oriented investments for 70,000-plus paid subscribers. Here is a sampling from some of my recommendations in a two-year span: +54%, +51%, +49%, +36%, +29% and +25%. Take note, these beat the stock market by anywhere from 2X to 6X. And that’s just on investments that are considered conservative!

Many of these trading ideas come from my deep contact list of 300-plus mutual fund, ETF, index, hedge fund and other top-notch financial professionals. Not just people like Jeffrey Gundlach, Jeremy Grantham or Jeremy Siegel, although I’ve had the opportunity to connect with them in the past. I’m also talking about people who may not be household names, but who are financial rock stars in their own right. People like Mario Gabelli, Rob Arnott, Kevin O’Leary and many others.

These connections are just one way I learns about the best trends and ideas … long before others read about them in financial publications like The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s.

So how exactly do I choose stocks for my subscribers?

In this service, I use five steps … the same five I use to determine every recommendation I’ll send you in Adventure Capitalist.

I look for big trends

Step #1. I look for big trends.

The first thing I do is to make sure I’m aware of the trends developing in worldwide markets, sectors and industries … so you can get ahead of them.

I spend hundreds of hours combing through industry reports … attending industry conferences … traveling around the world… and interviewing the top experts with “in-the-trenches” knowledge of the industry.

In fact, just this year I’ve stumbled onto a few major opportunities at the Morningstar Investment Conference. There, I got to spend some time exchanging ideas with wealth managers from firms like Franklin Templeton, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, BlackRock, PIMCO and dozens more.

It’s rare that other newsletter-writers get invited to, let alone attend, these kinds of conferences. But I go — and receive special invites — to several events each year. And I never pass up a chance to grab an interview, a site tour or even just a few moments for those who don’t normally make time for the “little guys.”

But these conversations are just a first step. I do plenty of additional research, and often find that there are several running threads among the best small-sized opportunities that stand to pack a big profit punch.

For example, I look for a fast-growing market … or a large, stable market that’s ripe for disruption.

I look for big trends

Step #2. I look for a superstar businesses.

Here’s where I start to narrow down the focus.

I start with a large database of companies attacking a niche … and then begin to narrow it down to potential contenders.

I’m searching for businesses with an “edge” … a unique product, service or strategy that could help them quickly skyrocket to a leadership position.

In short, I’m looking for what Warren Buffett would call “a moat” (a protective shield against profit-taking competitors) around a company … or at least the potential to develop one.

I look for big trends

Step #3. I consult my council of experts.

I have spent the last 20 years building up a large network of very successful investors who have made millions — and sometime billions — off of investing in their niche.

I use these contacts to make sure I haven’t overlooked any important companies … and that I’m not missing some important details that could be crucial to my subscribers’ success.

I look for big trends

Step #4. I drill down into the fundamentals.

I’m looking for companies with more than just good ideas and market strategies. Beyond that, I’m seeking out companies that can execute on their strategy.

That’s why I dig deep into the fundamental data.

Every day, I spend a great deal of time studying annual reports, listening to quarterly conference calls and analyzing balance sheets …

Sometimes it’s right here where I determine whether a company’s “great idea” is set to lead investors to riches … or to the poorhouse.

I look for big trends

Step #5. I get my boots on the ground and dig even deeper.

Here’s the deal. Most analysts you’ll meet will never go beyond Step 4.

Most people who write financial newsletters are desk jockeys. They read the financial press and keep financial TV on in the background. And not much more …

That’s why most investors will never be successful small-cap analysts.

You see, when you’re looking at small-cap companies you can’t just stop at the numbers.

Even if these companies are firing on all cylinders today … it doesn’t mean they will be tomorrow.

That’s why I occasionally will go out and visit a business, if needed … before I make a final decision!

If I can’t make it to a company’s headquarters and I don’t connect with top brass at an industry event, I’ll pick up the phone and get answers to my questions …

And I don’t just ask for the sales pitch.

I grill the CEOs, CFOs, engineers and employees to get the real scoop.

I don’t know anyone else who goes to such lengths to make sure they find the right recommendations … and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Adventure Capitalist.

So here’s the deal …

I want to give you the next 60 days to try Adventure Capitalist … risk-free.

I want you to check out my next few issues of Adventure Capitalist to see the consistently high level of research.

I want to give you the opportunity to get in on a few recommendations and experience the possibilities firsthand.

If … after 60 days … you don’t feel you could make at least double your membership fee over the next year from my recommendations … or you’re unhappy for any reason whatsoever …

Just let us know and we’ll give you back every penny you paid for this service.

And even if you decide to cancel after the 60 days … you will still receive a prorated refund of the remaining portion of your membership.

That’s how confident I am you will be happy.

And you get to keep every issue you received as a gift for giving us a try.

All I ask in return is that you truly give this research a shot.


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You’ll receive one well-researched, easy-to-read research report every month:

Every month, like clockwork, you’ll receive a new issue of Adventure Capitalist with a high-powered small-cap recommendation.

Each issue will include …

  1. At least 8 pages of in-depth, high-quality research …
  2. Why I’m recommending the stock …
  3. The name and ticker symbol of the stock we’re buying or selling …
  4. When you should execute the trade …
  5. What you should pay …
  6. And the potential profits we expect to generate …

Of course it’s up to you to choose which trades you act on and how much to invest … but you’ll always know exactly where our targets are and how much you stand to gain on every trade.

And when we’re ready to sell any position, you will receive an immediate update by e-mail or text with all these same details.


My Exclusive Conference Notes

When you join Adventure Capitalist, you’ll get priority access to what the smartest investment minds in our business are saying … and doing. That’s because I give my very best subscribers their inside scoop on macro calls … top funds, ETFs and other alternative investments … and of course stock picks.

I do this by sending you my detailed notes from each conference and industry event that I attend. That means you can become a “fly on the wall” at prominent investment conferences without the hassles and expenses of actually going.

My “inside notes” easily provide thousands of extra dollars of value alone! Plus, these are truly inside notes because I’m the only “newsletter guy or gal” at these conferences. Meaning, you won’t get this perk from any other newsletter.


You’ll get 24/7 Access to our exclusive members-only site:

This is a private, members-only location where you can access my research, my notes from meeting with industry experts and high-performance investors … and my behind-the-scenes interviews with company CEOs and other executives.


You’ll get my Adventure Capitalist Concierge Service:

This is where you can submit all your most pressing questions about your positions, the small-cap markets and the big tech trends that are taking shape around the globe.

You’ll not only get answers to YOUR questions … you’ll also benefit from the answers I give your fellow members.

Plus, you’ll have your own private member mailbag and access to a dedicated helpline.

Even better, you can start your risk-free membership to Adventure Capitalist today … and give it a full two months to see if it’s right for you.

So please be sure to click the appropriate button below and collect your big savings while there is still time.

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Grant Wasylik
Editor, Adventure Capitalist

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