Weiss Research, Inc., founded in 1971 and a subsidiary of industry-leading Weiss Group, is one of the largest, most reputable sources of global investment information. It has a long history of providing research and analysis designed to empower investors with information and tools to make more informed, independent decisions. In addition, over the last 14 years, Martin Weiss and Weiss Research have continually dedicated their time and resources to public service efforts, including Congressional testimony, constructive proposals for reforms in the securities industry, proposals for standards of practice and advocacy for accurate accounting and sound fiscal policy.

Weiss Research’s publications are some of the most widely read investment newsletters in the U.S. The company’s highly acclaimed, daily flagship e-newsletter, Money and Markets, contains unbiased market commentary you just won’t get from Wall Street. It currently publishes a variety of investment newsletters and trading services including Martin Weiss’ Safe Money Report and Larry Edelson’s Real Wealth Report. It is a founding member of the Financial Publishers Association as well as a member of NEPA and DMA.

Weiss Research’s mission is to help our customers protect and grow their money in good times and bad, while growing our company soundly and profitably.

Core Values

We are dedicated to advancing the financial welfare of our customers through a wide range of publications and services for investors and businesses.
We permit no conflicts of interest and no business practices that might compromise the objectivity of our analysis, recommendations or services.
Objective Research
We are committed to factual and disciplined research based on the most accurate and timely data available.
Striving for Excellence
We continuously strive to improve and enhance the quality, the service and the performance of our products, recommendations or programs.
Our Work Environment
We are committed to providing a warm, caring and safe work environment for our employees along with opportunities for personal and professional advancement.